A Sunday dinner

Last Sunday we had a small meet up with our neighbors cum family friend over dinner and since we've dined once at this Sri Petaling eatery and found the food quite decent we decided to try it out again.

The whole of Sri Petaling was well jam packed on Sunday night as if free food was going out but we managed to get a parking spot anyway.

Here's the address of the place in case you'd like to know. Its facing the Store Supermarket in Sri Petaling and is beside some pet shop where you can go drool on the cute puppies after a heartening dinner.

My neighbours seemed to have a liking towards a more spicier spread hence the selection they chose.

Curried tilapia with long beans and okra. The fish was fresh,soft and succulent and the curry was not spicy but had the right proportions of spice and creaminess. Thumbs up.

Kangkung belacan..was alright but I have tried better ones. Was good but not the best I had.

Tofu was well quite a generic pick but hey it was good so no harm done there.

Prawn sambal was just nice.. Definitely wasn't spicy but a little on the sweetish side. I guess they got the proportions right cause I actually liked it.

Price wise I have to say it was rather reasonable so if you're near by, please do go give this people a go, alright...



tulipspeaks said...

love that tauhu!


Prem said...

Everyone at the show including the ppl on our table think u are CRAZY!!!

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