Carrot-Mint Raita from my garden

As mentioned in my previous posting for Baingan Masala, we have began growing a couple of items in our yard - particularly cause it's fun, healthy and really convinient.

Dad has somewhat began a herb garden at one side-with mint, basil, rosemary on top of the curry leave and pandan plant which we use ubiquitously in Indian and Malaysian cooking.

On a personal note, I've began frequent gym workouts recently and hence have focused my daily diet on more healthy eats :). We now have raita's(yogurt based salads) frequently at home as it provides a good source of protein and probiotics for a healthy digestive tract and also cause it's extremely simple to assemble - shred in some vege's and add salt for taste and it's ready to be eaten. One of my favourite ways of preparing raita is with carrots and mint leaves ( plucked freshly from my herb garden). This recipe is submitted to the Grow Your Own #31 July event hosted by Andrea.


Carrot and Mint Raita
1 cup unsweetened chilled yogurt ( I use the low fat version)
1 medium sized carrot - shredded
a bunch of mint leaves ( can be chopped finely if you'd like)
a sprinkle of salt
a sprinkle of chilli flakes

1. Simply pour yogurt in a serving bowl and add carrots, mint, salt and chilli flakes
2. Best served as an accompaniment to curries.


babe_kl said...

Hey, I’ve announced this year’s Merdeka Open House theme. Do take some time to participate ;-). Thanks.

Praveen R. said...

Ooh thanks :) I'd definitely support it

JoMel said...

hi P, that looks delightfully refreshing! Mint and yogurt is enough to win me over! Thanks for the recipe. silly question: Can you eat it on it's own?

Praveen R. said...


No lar - that aint a silly question. Yea - sure u can eat it on its own :)

Claudia said...

I'm looking for cool summer dishes and this is perfect. The mint is flourishing now too, so I have plenty.

Praveen R. said...


Yeap - Yogurt in it self has cooling properties ( if you'd look at the Chinese Yin-Yang classification of foods) hence it would be perfect for hot summers.

Andrea said...

How pretty and refreshing! I like all those flavors so must try it with the mint. Thanks for sharing it with Grow Your Own!

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