Street Eats - Spicy Pan Mee @ Kee V

I had the pleasure of discovering this hidden gem two weeks ago when April planned for a tweetup (read: gathering of likeminded twitter addicts). Startled up from bed at 10.15 am when I was supposed to meet the tweeps at 10.30 am. Scrambled out of bed – got dressed and off I went on my way. A few missed turns here and there (sorry guys) and I finally arrived at the sanctum of the spicy soup.

I was happy meet to meet new faces, some of whom I regularly keep in touch via twitter – you know the whole matching the face to the twitter profile thing J. As soon as the dishes arrived, we thought no less for a second and digged in right away.

The spicy pan mee soup came in two versions – one with the smooth hand torn noodles and the other was a thin and more springy version. For the initiated – please do head your cursors to the Wikipedia entry of pan mee.


Smooth hand torn pan meen in a fiery soup

The soup by itself had a nice peppery herby flavor to it and complemented the noodles very well. It was spicy yes, but not spicy to the extent that I would break into sweat and gulp down buckets of water (Too much K factor?). Anyhow, I appreciated the mild spiciness that worked harmoniously with the noodles.


Springy noodles at dancing in hot soup.

The claypot chicken and claypot pork cooked with Chinese Rice Wine we ordered were the other specialities of this place. The pork had a mild spicy and salty tinge to it while the chicken was delicate, sweet and soaked up the flavors of rice wine brilliantly – was a great accompaniment to the spicy soup.


Claypot Chicken with Chinese Rice Wine

For extra bites, the minced pork in foo chook rolls was perfect for its role. Tiny little delighted morsels of minced pork simply bursted with meaty goodness at every bite. The meal came up to about RM168 for a group of 9 which translated to about RM 19 per pax – extremely reasonable for the quality and amount of food we gleefully walloped. Ended up leaving Kajang with a porky filled belly like crocodiles after a hearty lunch.

V kee

(from left) 1. Divine steam released from the claypot, 2. Pork rolls, 3. Ooh so springy :)

Location:No.468, Jln 13, Kg Baru Sg.Chuah, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.


(I thought I was dreaming when I found the website of this little wooden shop with zink roofs – well yea, I guess their famous:p)


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