GYO #35 Roundup

It was a great experience hosting my first Grow Your Own Event. Thanks to all who've participated and as promised, here's the roundup :

I tried out an interesting recipe of Thai Rambutan Salad with rambutans I received from a family friends orchard.

SE of Denufood prepared a healthy Moth Bean Sprouts Curry made from their own sprouted beans.

The Gulo gulo or Banana fritters prepared by Ela was interesting as it reminded me of the common pisang goreng or fried bananas back in Malaysia.

Graziana prepared Vegetarian Balls in Roti Bread - something I hope for as a quick bite during lunch.

While Andrea's Zucchini Risotto seemed like a hearty meal one could have for dinner after a tiresome day at work.

The Spicy Green Bean, Potato and Carrot Tortilla by MangoCheeks seemed well as a healthy evening snack or quick lunch bite.

Vincent & Linda Simon from Kitchen Therapy made a lovely Ground Cherry Jam with Orange with ground cherries produced from their garden.

As something entirely different, Nathan prepared a refreshing barley with pandan leaves drink - prepared for a hot day.

Lorelei's prepared a hearty portion of Apple Pie from the apples growing on her tree. Nothing beats a slice of Apple Pie for me when it comes to dessert.

Mom's Gateway prepared Kimchi - something that came out as a bright delight. It also reminds me now that it's been a while since I've hit Korean joints downtown Kuala Lumpur and should be heading there pretty soon.


Andrea said...

Wonderful variety here! Thanks so much for hosting, it's a beautiful roundup.


mangocheeks said...

Thank you for hosting.

Praveen R. said...


Thanks for the opportunity to host this round :)


I'll have to thank you too for your brilliant recipe

Ela said...

interesting entries we have here.
great round up, praveen!

SE said...

Thanks for including my entry !

@ praveen
Thanks for hosting!

Praveen R. said...

Thanks SE and Ela ;)

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