Cooking tips for the busy corporate worker

As a busy corporate worker, investing in a good fridge is imperative in allowing me to dish out quick dinners on busy weekdays. I would usually purchase meats and vegetables over the weekend and blend ready made sauces and purees to enable 30-minute dinners.

A couple of items which are on my regular list for Asian/Indian are:

1. Cut chicken stashed in my freezer
2. Vegetables such as long beans, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower (tends to last longer)
3. Firm tofu
4. Eggs

In addition, I always ensure that I have bottles of ground garlic ginger paste and homemade chilli paste which I keep in the fridge to be able to quickly add dollops into my weekday dinners.

I've been rather busy lately so there has not been much posts from my side. I'll try to add on some weekday dinner meals for posts since that's the type of meals which dominate my cooking these days.


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